1. How can I become an investor?
    • Open an investment account by completing a Standard New Application and submitting a minimum investment of $2,000 or more.
    • To start a new IRA account, open a Traditional or Roth IRA retirement savings account by submitting a completed application and a minimum investment of $2,000.
    • To transfer an existing IRA, complete and submit an IRA Transfer Request Form.
  2. How do I open an account?

    Click Our Fund and choose How to Invest.  Complete the appropriate application and purchasing instructions. For additional information, contact us at 901-755-4737 or Fund’s shareholder services at 844-838-2119.

  3. Are there other ways I can invest in the Fund?
    • Request your Financial Advisor to facilitate an investment in our Fund.
    • If you have a Charles Schwab account, select our Fund on the Charles Schwab platform. The ticker is PAOIX.
  4. How much do I need to begin investing?

    The minimum initial investment is $2,000. You are not required to make additional investments.

  5. Am I allowed to add to my investment?

    Yes, you may add to your investment account at any time.  The minimum subsequent investment amount is $500.

    You can also make automatic investments into your account at the frequency of your choice. To make additional investments, contact shareholder services at 844-838-2119 or the local Preserver Funds office 901-755-4737.

  6. What type of gains should I expect to see?

    The fund seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns that are consistent with a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and alternative investments.

  7. I’m completely new to this entire process. Can I call your office or email you for more information?

    Absolutely! We welcome calls and meetings to discuss your personal investment needs and goals. We will be happy to explain how our investment strategy and funds may help you achieve these goals. Call 901-755-4737 or email

  8. Can I receive information from Preserver Partners before I begin investing?

    Preserver Partners publishes periodic quarterly fund fact sheets and periodic market outlook and firm updates. You can join our mailing list by sending us your contact information at info@preserverpartners.com or subscribing to get our latest content at preserverfunds.com.

  9. How often do you provide fund performance information?

    Preserver Partners sends quarterly fact sheets and bi-annual commentary to all investors whose accounts are directly registered with Preserver Funds. Investors will also receive a quarterly investor statement in the mail from the Fund’s administrator. If the mutual fund investment was purchased through a financial intermediary such as Charles Schwab, the intermediary will provide investor statements.

  10. Who do I call if I have questions about my account?

    You may contact Preserver’s local office at 901-755-4737 or Shareholder Services at 844-838-2119.

  11. Do I have to pay taxes on this account?

    Yes, if you hold shares in a taxable account, you are required to pay taxes on income and capital gains earned, whether they are paid out or reinvested in additional shares.  All shareholders will receive a Form 1099-DIV, which reports all dividend and interest income and capital gains and/or losses for the prior tax year.

  12. How does a mutual fund work?

    A mutual fund is an SEC-registered pooled investment vehicle that allows investors to own a pro-rata share of a diversified portfolio of investments.  All of the Fund’s investors share in the gains and losses of the Fund and the expenses of the managing the Fund.

  13. Can I rollover my 401K from a former employer?

    Yes, legacy 401k and other employer sponsored plans may be rolled over into an IRA account with Preserver Funds. To initiate a rollover, please complete the appropriate IRA account application and the Preserver IRA direct rollover form or the appropriate form from your former employer.

  14. Does the fund or account pay dividends?

    Yes, the Fund makes annual distributions of dividend and interest income and capital gains at the end of each fiscal year, December 31. However, you can  elect to have distributions reinvested into more shares of the Fund.

  15. How often will I receive statements?

    Investors receive quarterly statements in the mail.

  16. Can an investment club open an investment account?

    Yes. An investment club may open a Preserver Funds investment account by completing a Standard Application and submitting its entity’s Corporate Resolution or Trading Authorization documenting the persons authorized to make investments.

  17. What does the fund invest in?

    The Fund invests globally in global and domestic common equities, preferred equities, Real Estate Investment Trusts, closed-end funds, bank loans, corporates, U.S, Treasuries, collateralized loan obligations, high yield and investment grade bonds,convertible bonds, commercial mortgage-backed securities, residential mortgage-backed securities, loan participations, and cash and/or cash equivalents.

  18. Can I choose the stocks/investments that I want to make in my account?

    No. The Fund is a pooled investment vehicle where investment decisions are made by the Portfolio Manager.  By investing in a mutual fund, you are delegating investment decisions to us.

  19. How long does it take to withdraw funds from my account?

    A request for a withdrawal may be made at any time. Withdrawal funds can be sent by check to the address on record within seven business days or via ACH to the bank account on record within three business days.  If the withdrawal is made within 60 days of the initial investment, a 2% redemption fee will be deducted from the withdrawal proceeds.

  20. What are account fees?

    The Fund’s gross expense ratio is 1.83% and the net expense ratio is 1.53%.  However, the Adviser has capped the annual expense ratio at 1.35%.  The annual expense ratio is comprised of a management fee of 0.75% paid to the Advisor for its services and annual operating expenses of the mutual fund.

  21. Can I go online to view my account?

    At this time, the Fund is not accessible online. Contact the Fund’s Shareholder Services at 844-838-2119 for information on your account.

Disclosure: The Adviser has contractually agreed to waive its management fee and/or reimburse expenses so that total annual operating expenses (excluding interest, taxes, brokerage fees and commissions, other extraordinary expenses not incurred in the ordinary course of the Fund’s business, dividend expenses on short sales, and indirect expenses such as acquired fund fees and expenses) do not exceed 1.35% of the Funds’ average daily net asset value through December 31, 2020.

Investors should carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses before investing. This and other important information is contained in the fund’s prospectus, which should be read carefully before investing.  To obtain a fund prospectus, call 1-844-838-2119.  The fund is distributed by Unified Financial Securities, LLC. Material must be preceded or accompanied by a prospectus

All investments involve risks, including loss of principal. There is no guarantee that any investment strategy will be successful or achieve any particular results. The value of some mortgage-backed securities may be particularly sensitive to changes in prevailing interest rates, and although the securities are generally supported by some form of government or private insurance, there is no assurance that private guarantors or insurers will meet their obligation. Bonds are affected by a number of risks, including fluctuation in interest rates, credit risks, and prepayment risk. In general, as prevailing interest rates rise, fixed income securities prices will fall. The value of securities in companies involved in a special situation can perform differently from the market as a whole. Many corporate events do not as planned. This can ultimately reduce the price of a company’s stock and cause an event- driven investor to lose money.